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The Devil. With tongue firmly in cheek, the Devil of the Major Arcana shows us that a selfish devotion to material possessions and ill-conceived passions ties us down and keeps us from true happiness. The Tower. Should we build ourselves up too high, The Tower card warns that a bolt from the blue could shake us to our very foundations. The Star. The card of faith and hope, The Star is a shining light in the darkness. The Moon. Deeply rooted in the unconscious, the dreamlike Moon symbolizes secrets and mysteries that may not be understood — or even recognized.

The Sun. Nothing can hide in the bright light of day, and even the most dour individuals come out to celebrate. All is revealed, as the Judgement card reminds us to forgive and be forgiven. The World. They can represent other people or they can reflect aspects of our own personality. Sometimes, they can even illustrate what we think of ourselves, by depicting qualities that we like and dislike in others. Pages are young, with childlike enthusiasm and an unbounded capacity to learn.

They also are willing messengers, eager to deliver news and greetings to appreciative adults. Knights are adventurers, eager to go out into the world. Queens are mature women, gracious and wise in the ways of the world. Queens nurture and direct unbridled energy into useful channels. Kings are seasoned, experienced men.

Kings are authoritative rulers and strong protectors. Wands Page of Wands: imminent spiritual growth, typically through flashes of inspiration and an abundance of creative energy. Knight of Wands: the beginning of spiritual adventures, or the availability of spiritual aid. Queen of Wands: the power to foster and guide your creative energy.

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King of Wands: the power to govern and safeguard your creative energy. Cups Page of Cups: imminent emotional growth, typically through flashes of intuition and increased sensitivity to the feelings and needs of others. Knight of Cups: the beginnings of emotional adventures or emotional healing.

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Queen of Cups: the power to foster and guide your emotional energy. King of Cups: the power to govern and safeguard your emotional energy. Swords Page of Swords: imminent intellectual growth, typically through flashes of understanding and an increased ability to think creatively. Knight of Swords: the beginning of intellectual adventures or a sudden understanding of heady new concepts. Queen of Swords: the power to foster and guide your intellectual energy. King of Swords: the power to govern and safeguard your intellectual energy.

Knight of Pentacles: the successful resolution of physical adventures or the availability of financial and material support. Queen of Pentacles: the power to foster and guide your physical energy and career. King of Pentacles: the power to govern and safeguard your physical energy and career. The Emperor The Fool. Uranus Taurus. The Hierophant The Magician. Mercury Gemini. The Lovers The High Priestess. The Moon Cancer. The Chariot The Empress. Venus Leo. Strength The Emperor. Aries Virgo. The Hermit The Hierophant.

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Taurus Libra. Justice The Lovers. Gemini Scorpio. Death The Chariot. Cancer Sagittarius. Temperance Strength. Leo Capricorn. The Devil The Hermit. Virgo Aquarius. The Star The Wheel of Fortune. Jupiter Pisces. The Moon Justice. Libra Sun. The Sun The Hanged Man.

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Neptune Moon. The High Priestess Death. Scorpio Mercury. The Magician Temperance. Sagittarius Venus. The Empress The Devil. Capricorn Mars.

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  • The Tower The Tower. Mars Jupiter. The Wheel of Fortune The Star. Aquarius Saturn. The World The Moon. Pisces Neptune. The Hanged Man The Sun.

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    The Sun Uranus. The Fool Judgement. Pluto Pluto. Judgement The World. Saturn Astrological Glyphs and Symbolism [ Sun. Illumination, the self, the ego New Moon 1st Quarter. Inspiration, beginnings Waxing Moon 2nd Quarter. Reflections, planning O Mercury. Speed, communication T Venus. Love, attraction, spiritual treasure, fertility N Mars. Energy, aggression, self-defense, action M Jupiter. Luck, growth, expansion, enthusiasm R Saturn. Discipline, limits, boundaries, tradition S Uranus.

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    The pig may be also known as the boar in some circles of chinese astrology. Cancer is too needy for sagittarius. It's simply a rote way of reacting to the world. At age 30 is the period when an individual starts to build his career and family.